SIP panels - ultra modern composite, that every house will build. 

SIP-Poland is a leading manufacturer of high quality SIP panels. We produce for construction companies, investors and private owners. We cooperate with leading architectural studios. We provide guarantees, deliver on time and to the indicated place in Poland and other European countries.

We deliver the product of high quality, in large and small volumes, in CNC-controlled series.

SIP Polska zabudowa modułowa

SIP panels - increase in thermal insulation by 500%.

The incredible strength of the structure.

Construction time increase up to 700%

Full cost control (no surprises)

Strong construction to withstand extreme weather conditions around the world

Used in Norway, Sweden, Germany, Great Britain, USA, the Netherlands and many other countries.

We produce for customers looking for quality.

Full production control by CNC

Bonding only 2C PUR (strength)

No uneven cuts, only proven OSB suppliers

Consistency of deliveries, delivery on time. Volume up to 5,000 SIP plates per month.

We provide a 12-month warranty for our products.

Proven fleet of deliveries, no random deliveries.

Production for construction networks, white label models

We cooperate with investors of summer houses


Explore key benefits from using SIP Panels!

Very high thermal insulation

Increase in thermal insulation up to 500% compared to classic ones rozwiązań (np. stosowanie pustaków).

Maximizes building time,

saves time and human labor

Łatwość assembly means that within three days of unloading the materials, it can be startedć do kolejnych prac.

Full control over cost

Cost calculated per square meter, there are no surprisesń podczas realizacji, brak kosztów dodatkowych.

Reduction in inventory

No more storing thermal insulation and panels separately. Order for implementation delivered just in time.

Combination of construction and insulation

A six-fold increase in the strength of buildings in relation to frame structures.

Get to know the properties of our SIP Panels

OSB outside alternatively MFP or MgO (magnesium) board

Gluing:: two-component polyurethane adhesive (2C PUR)

Interior EPS Graphite lambda 0.031 or mineral wool


2C PUR is definitely stronger and safer. Bonding is due to a chemical reaction (in one-component polyurethane adhesive, bonding occurs due to moisture).


We use EPS GRAPHITE, which is made from the original / virgin raw material, with no reclaimed or recycled goods.

EPS jest bardziej stabilny i ma lepszą powierzchnię do klejenia niż inne rozwiązania dostępne na rynku.

CNC control

The CNC control that we use at SIP-POLAND guarantees the repeatability of the adhesive mixture. Both in terms of its quantity and mixing.

SIP panels are a lightweight, durable, strong and excellent insulating composite designed for modular construction

i prefabrykowanego.

SIP-POLAND is a leading producer of SIP panels.

SIP Panele, SIP Panels,

Any doubts? Watch the videos and browse the publications.

SIP panels - the future in house construction -
Panele SIP
Secrets of building a single-family house made of panels -
SIP Polska zabudowa modułowa
Prefabricated house made of wood-based panels - Murator
SIP Polska zabudowa modułowa
Express construction of a house made of panels -

SIP Panels in use

SIP Polska zabudowa modułowa
SIP Panele, SIP Panels,
SIP Polska zabudowa modułowa
Panele SIP
SIP Polska zabudowa modułowa
Zabudowa modułowa SIP

Our publications

Strength of SIP panels

Panels that survived hurricanes and tornadoes in the USA. Find out more about the strength of SIP Panels in our text.

Facts and myths about SIP panels

There are many rumors about SIP Panels. Let's look at them carefully and introduce some specialist knowledge.

How SIP Panels conquered the West

Where does the huge popularity of SIP panels in the west come from? Why are they only now massively available in Poland? What it comes from?

Cooperation with SIP-POLAND

Any volume of panels

Our production capabilities allow for fixed delivery times, practically of any volume.

In time to go

We deliver production both in Poland and in most countries in Europe.

CNC and quality

The highest quality of gluing and full quality control through CNC - we meet the export criteria.

Sizes to size

Regardless of the size and thickness of the panels - we are able to cover even the most complex orders.

Our SIP panels most often go to:

Manufacturers of summer houses

We produce SIP panels for many manufacturers of summer houses in Poland.

Carpentry shops and construction companies

We supply construction companies and carpentry workshops that carry out buildings for clients.

Individual clients

We provide SIPs for individual clients who decide to build houses.

To the countries of Western Europe

We export panels to Great Britain, Sweden, Norway and several countries in Eastern Europe.

Our SIP Panels


Cena – TEL

Outer material: OSB 3

Gluing: 2C PUR

Insulating core: EPS GRAPHITE

Max dimensions: 1250×2500

Thickness: 124(12/100/12)

Load capacity: 90 kN/m

Mounting type: C24 or Spline connector

Thermal insulation grade: 0,2777

Usage interior walls

Order from:

10 pieces


Cena – TEL

Outer material: OSB 3

Gluing: 2C PUR

Insulating core: EPS GRAPHITE

Max dimensions: 1250×2500

Thickness: 174(12/150/12)

Load capacity: 90 kN/m

Mounting type: C24 or Spline connector

Thermal insulation grade:


Usage external walls of houses, roofs and ceilings of houses

Order from:

10 pieces


Cena – TEL

Outer material: MgO

Gluing: 2C PUR

Rdzeń izolacyjny: EPS GRAFIT

Max dimensions: 1250×2500

Grubość: 236(18/200/18)

Load capacity: 90 kN/m

Mounting type: C24 or Spline connector

Thermal insulation grade:


Usage load-bearing floors of houses

Order from:

10 pieces


Cena – TEL

Outer material: MgO

Gluing: 2C PUR

Insulating core: EPS GRAPHITE

Max dimensions: 1250×2500

Thickness: 231(18/195/18)

Load capacity: 90 kN/m

Mounting type: C24 or Spline connector

Thermal insulation grade:


Usage floors with increased load capacity

Order from:

10 pieces

Approximate prices depending on the current cost of materials available on the market. Each time, based on current prices, we create a current offer in response to an inquiry.

SIP panels on individual order possible after agreeing on the offer details.

Each SIP Panel has an internal and external cladding made of OSB 3 board (inside there is a core made of EPS GRAPHITE).

IMPORTANT: Our OSB 3 boards are manufactured using PMDI glue, i.e. the boards are free of formaldehyde.

Download our products catalog


Find out more about our products.

Download the product catalog.

We provide a 12-month warranty

on our SIP Panels

SIP Poland contact

The office is open from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday to Friday.

Soboty 10:00 – 14:00.

Aleja Piłsudskiego 70, 18-400 Łomża
NIP 718 186 57 46

Sales department / orders:

Commercial Director:

Paweł Faszcza

tel: 503 789 032

mail: [email protected]

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